Learn how to build your real estate syndication business and raise capital.

Experience 1-on-1 coaching with Whitney Sewell.

Before scheduling a 30 minute coaching strategy call, please be advised:

  • The call, along with the pre-call questionnaire, will serve as an application only. Whitney will only be working with one or two very select candidates at at time.
  • If Whitney does decide you are a good fit, you will be granted immediate access to him after your investment fee is received. 
  • This is a two-sided agreement. Applicants must be ready and willing to devote themselves and their time/resources in order to succeed. 

What to expect …

  • Insider access to Whitney
  • Behind-the-curtain look at how Whitney and Life Bridge Capital were able to close 100M in real estate and raise over $35M in 2020.
  • Access to Whitney's network.
  • Branding and business development guidance 
  • Whitney's step-by-step capital raise process, and other invaluable resources. 



Work With Whitney - Video 1 (revised)
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If you are absolutely not able to find a time slot that works, you can reach out to An exception may be made on a case-by-case basis, but is not guaranteed.